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Name :                              Agha Noor Muhammad Pathan
Father's Name :              Agha Dost Muhammad Pathan
Date of Birth :                  15-4-1955
Postal Address :            Liaquat Library Building Near P.T.V
                                          Station Stadium Road Karachi
Residential Address :  105-C Block-2 P.E.C.H.S Karachi Pakistan
Telephone Office :         021-99230773-4
                              Res .   021-4546747
                              Cell  :  0300-2161624
E-mail :                   
NIC No :                            42201-5921731-3

Educational Qualifications:

M. A Economic, M. A. Islamic Culture (First Division) From University of Sindh Jamshoro.
English Language Course form Births Council Karachi
Qualified computer Basic Courses from RCI Clifton Karachi.
Presently working as resident director Pakistan academy of letters ministry of education Govt: of Pakistan

Experience in Journalism:

1.      Worked as chief Editor Monthly Shagird Hyderabad From 1975- 1980
2.      Worked as Associate Editor of Weekly Weenjhar Hyderabad  From 1980-84
3.      Worked as Editorial Consultant Daily al-Waheed Karachi
4.      Features Writer of Monthly Rabita Karachi.
5.      Article Writer in Daily Jasarat and Jang Hilal Pakistan, Awami Awaz Jago Karachi
6.      More than 200 Articles have been published on Socio-Political Issues of Pakistan with special reference to Sindh.
7.      Author of water dispute between the provinces of Pakistan.
8.      Author of Evolution of Regionalism in provinces of Pakistan.
9.      An analysis of Failure of National religious parties in Sindh.
10.    Author of the Article on Save Thar of Sindh.
11.    Author of Situation of Educational Institutions in Sindh.
12.    Worked as research associate Institute of policy studies Islamabad. Form 1980-1986

Experience in Literature and Literary activities:

13.    Remained member of Executive committee and Secretary Shah Abdul latif Society Karachi.
14.    Secretary General Sindh Latif Adbi Majlis (1980- 1984).
15.    Worked as Director Socio. Cultural Studies  Sindh at Hyderabad for three years form 1980-83
16.    Translated 50 Short Stories from world literature in Sindhi.
17.    Translated and complied 12 Books on various Subjects in Sindhi Language.
18.    Organized more than 300 Seminars, conferences and literary Sittings with writers and Launching Ceremonies for
              Books from 1980-2003.
19.    Received more that 300 literary delegations from 150 countries at Karachi Air Port
20.    Received 6 Chinese writers delegations visiting Pakistan at Karachi and conducted
21.    Their visits at Bhit Shah, Halla, Hyderabad and Jamshoro
22.    Edited and Literary book on Folk literature and poetry of Sindhi language.
23.    Edited 2 written the book on literary activities in Sindh province in Urdu English and Sindhi languages.
24.    Edited compiled the book on Mystic Poets of Pakistan in Sindh.
25.    Compiled and Edited the Books on Poets of Thatta and their Selected Poetry
26.    Participated in writers conference of Pakistan Academy of Letters in 1983-1985 -1995 -1998.
27.    Conducted all Pakistan Writers tour from Karachi to Multan Lahore, Faislabad, and Islamabad. Peshawar,
              Landi Kotal and Quetta Balochistan.
28.    Conducted the tour of Writers of Karachi to Thatta and Tharparkar and Larkana.
29.    Edited and compiled the book on Seerat of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in Sindhi.
30.    Compiled a book on Pakistan Movement in Sindhi.
31.    Research Article on Karo Kari in Sindh.
32.    Research Article on Status of women and problems in Sindh.
33.    Review on 102 Books in Sindhi published during 2003-05.
34.    Compiled and edited the directory of Sughars (Folk Poets and Artists) of Sindh in 2005.
35.    Translated Bayanul-Aarfeen (Malfoozat of Hazarat shah Abdul karim of Bulri Sharif) the Grand father of
             Shah Abdul Latif Bhitati.
36.    Translated in Sindhi the book Mera Iqbal a text book for children about the life and poetry Allama Iqbal.
37.    Translated the book zidah rood of dr. javed iqbal about the life of Allama Iqbal.
38.    Complied the book the in Urdu:
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39.    Complied the book literary activities of pal -20001-20005 in Urdu.